Ten Faculty Members Receive VPA Research and Creative Grants

Ten faculty members in the College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) have been awarded VPA Research and Creative Grants.

Awarded annually, the grants are intended to facilitate the growth of research and creative work in the college. Proposals are received by the college’s Office of Research, Graduate Studies and Internationalization and reviewed by a committee comprised of associate deans of research and research administrators from the University’s schools, colleges, and libraries.

The faculty members and their winning projects are:

  • Chaz Barracks, Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies, for “Everyday Black Matter: Collections of Joy as Resistance and/or Refusal,” $5,000
  • Gabrielle Demeestère, Department of Film and Media Arts, for “’Terra’ Casting Mentorship,” $5,000
  • Boryana Dragoeva, Department of Film and Media Arts, for “’Walter Benjamin and the Constellation Asja Lacis’ (working title) experimental feature-length documentary,” $5,000
  • Alix Ferrer-Yulfo, School of Design, for “Integrating Intangible Cultural Heritage in Syracuse Museums,” $5,000
  • Kelly Gallagher, Department of Film and Media Arts, for “By All Your Memories,” $5,000
  • Jody Nyboer, School of Design, for “Environmental Catalysts of Creative Production Among Studio Learners Across Disciplines,” $4,995
  • Meri Page, School of Design, for “Collecting Songs, Feminist Fieldwork in New England,” $5,000
  • Isabel Prochner, School of Design, for “Developing a Canadian Design Museum and Cultural Center,” $5,000
  • Rochele Royster, Department of Creative Arts Therapy, for “Meta-analysis of research articles published in the American Art Therapy Journal between the years 1961-2001,” $2,898
  • Stewart Thorndike, Department of Film and Media Arts, for “Frigid,” $5,000