Emeriti Faculty

The following College of Visual and Performing Arts faculty have been honored upon retirement for their past and expected future contributions to Syracuse University and to their fields of study. This listing is drawn from the Syracuse University Emeriti Directory.


Edward Aiken, Museum Studies
Karen Bakke, Fashion Design
Murray Bernthal, Music*
Ronald Burke, Speech Communication
Richard Buttny, Communication and Rhetorical Studies
Ann Clarke, Fiber Arts
Felix Cochren, Theater Design and Technology*
Don Cortese, Printmaking
Roger DeMuth, Illustration
William DiCosimo, Music Industry
James E. Dwyer, Painting and Drawing*
Lawrence Feer, Industrial Design*
Henry Gernhardt, Ceramics
Onofrio Charles Giordano, Art History*
Sharon Gold, Painting
Frank Goodnow, Painting and Drawing*
William Goodrum, Music (Piano)
Lynn Greenky, Communication and Rhetorical Studies


Frank Hakanson, Music (Voice)*
G. Burton Harbison, Music (Voice)
Lucinda Havenhand, Environmental and Interior Design
William O. Headlee, Music (Organ)*
Hope Irvine, Art Education*
Arthur Jensen, Communication and Rhetorical Studies
Michael Jerry, Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Amos Kiewe, Communication and Rhetorical Studies
Daniel Krempel, Drama
Kevin Larmon, Painting
Arthur LeGacy, Film History*
MaryEllen Letterman, Interior Design
Ralph Lorenz, Music Composition, Theory, and History
David MacDonald, Ceramics
Jerome Malinowski, Design*
Bruce Manwaring, Printmaking*
Maria Marrero, Theater Design and Technology
Frederick Marvin, Music (Piano)*
Francis Morigi, Interior Design
Franklin Morris, Music Composition, Theory, and History*
Gerard Moses, Acting and Directing


John Orentlicher, Art Video
Ruth Pinnell, Music (Voice)*
James J. Pirkl, Industrial Design
James Ridlon, Art Foundation
Paul Ried, Speech Communication*
Owen Shapiro,
Tom Sherman,
Art Video
Michael Sickler,
Lawson Smith,
Beverly Taylor,
John Thompson, Illustration
Murray Tinkelman, Illustration*
Gary Trento,
Painting and Drawing*
Barbara Walter,
Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Jerome Witkin,
Sylvia Wyckoff,
Drawing, Painting, Art Education*
Stephen Zaima,
Edward Zajec, Computer Art