The master of fine arts (M.F.A.) degree program in illustration encourages breadth of research and depth of inquiry to cultivate the next generation of illustrators, creators, and teachers.

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As part of a school of art within a major university, our approach is research-oriented and cross-disciplinary, emphasizing inquiry, authorship, and critical thinking. To assist in creative experimentation, there are extensive facilities to work in a multitude of media: from the analog to the digital, traditional to cutting-edge. The faculty are widely published and possess a robust network to frequently interact with the profession in publishing, studios, the arts, and beyond. The campus’s proximity to New York City allows for regular trips; there is also coursework in Los Angeles to intersect with the animation and gaming industries.  

The diversity of our student body helps our students to widen their perspectives in their areas of research, topics of interest, and professional opportunities. We encourage our illustration students to create with global awareness, exploring intellectual and creative pursuits to better the world.  

[Illustration faculty member Frank Cammuso explains how he channels a passion for comics into teaching]

Student Work

Below are the general program requirements for the M.F.A. in illustration.

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Required classes: 9 credits
Studio electives: 27 credits
Art history or related academics: 9 credits
Thesis: 12 credits
Total Credits: 60
Length of Residency: 3 years