Hangyi Zhou

I’m a designer who works in both visual communication and design research.

Born in Zhejiang, China, I earned a BFA degree in graphic design from the Visual Communication Department of Kean University in 2018. Currently, I’m pursuing my MFA in Design here at Syracuse University.

As a designer, my visual communication work encompasses identity, packaging, websites and graphics, as well as editorial design and advertising. I also specialize in design thinking along with human-centered research and methodology. This work includes identifying problems, establishing a research strategy, interviewing target audiences, and analyzing research results so as to provide theory and facts to support practical solutions.

Levitation — an Innovative Tea Brand

My thesis project is about creating an innovative brand and bottle packaging system for the delivery of tea. There are three parts: a tea delivery system design, a brand style book, and a website. The generation system aims to encourage people to take time for moments throughout the day to slow down and take a break from their work or study; the brand style book serves a guideline for identity and promotion; and the website is an important bridge to connect with the audience.

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