Han Zhao

Originally from Beijing, China, Han studied fine art, engineering, and design which has lend a unique perspective to his design work. Zhao’s early interest in industrial design let him to a Bachelor’s degree in Water Science and Engineering from Taiyuan University of Technology.

In his studies in the M.F.A. in Design here at Syracuse University, Zhao has combined his knowledge of Engineering with studies in Communication and Product design. He has an interest and expertise in prototyping, testing, and modeling with professional software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhinoceros, Final Cut Pro, and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Central to Zhao’s design practice is his belief that a good designer puts the user at the center of everything he creates. He believes that with well-designed and managed mass production, an innovative product can become beneficial to thousands of people.

Portal — A Teleworking Tool for Team Collaboration in the Workplace

Today, the need for teleworking is increasing. This project tries to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of remote communication between team members. Through the large screen-based design named Portal, you can see and interact with others at life-size scale, so you won’t miss visual cues such as body language or the mood within each team members’ work environment. The size and location of each element on the screen has been carefully designed so you can easily interact with the device even if you are sitting on a chair. Because the Portal lives streams multiple places at the same time, you have the feeling your team members are sharing the same office while working next to you. To establish a level of privacy, you can display a digital door on your screen. You can see the availability of team members through the window in the door so you can ring the doorbell, leave a message, or come back later. Using the Portal, informal communication between team members can enhance relationships and boost the productivity of your team.

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Doors that display on the screen