The four-year bachelor of music (B.M.) degree program in music industry will help you develop a high level of music competency while learning about the theoretical and practical activities of the music business. Qualified sophomores have the option of applying to the master of business administration (MBA) program in Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management, thus completing a five-year, double degree.

Admission + Audition Requirements

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B.M. Degree

The music industry program’s uniqueness lies in coursework designed specifically for musicians. You will pursue a rigorous music curriculum filled with plenty of opportunities to perform. Your business coursework is focused on the music industry, including an opportunity to study in London or Los Angeles.

[Above, Gabrielle Pinkney combines her passion for opera and social justice through her music industry degree]

On a broader scale, you will learn to analyze current trends in the music industry and understand their implications. You will become familiar with professional music organizations. Above all, you will develop the ability to conceptualize solutions to various industry problems and the knowledge to put them into practice. As a music industry student, you will spend part of your academic career researching, analyzing, and discussing current trends. You are also expected to attend conferences and participate in a music internship.

Graduates of the program are knowledgeable about general business practices as well as the creative and legal workings of the music industry. They are also thoroughly educated musicians with a broad understanding of the elements of music, its history, and its literature. Alumni have had careers in managing arts organizations, live and recorded music production, publishing, instrument manufacturing, contracting musicians, and music industry software development.

The music industry program requires an audition for admission. While studying in the program, students may choose a course of primary applied study on their instrument or voice in either the classical or jazz/commercial music tradition.

B.M./MBA Double Degree

You apply directly to, and start out in, the B.M. in music industry degree program, but with sufficient grades and score on the GMAT, you can apply to the Whitman School of Management in your sophomore year to enter the MBA track. This allows you to obtain your undergraduate and graduate degrees in just five years. As you progress through the program, the ratio of music to business classes changes. In the first two years you take only the B.M. in music industry curriculum. In your third year you add more of the MBA curriculum; in your fourth year, even more. Your fifth year is entirely the MBA curriculum.


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Performance Honors

The performance honors program is intended for Setnor School of Music students in the B.S. music and B.M. composition, music education, music industry and sound recording technologydegree programs who wish to maintain a level of performance at or near that required of students in one of the performance majors. The program’s purpose is to give tangible curricular and moral support to those students who see themselves as performing musicians first and foremost.

Students are eligible to apply for the program at the end of their sophomore year. Students accepted into the program take an hour of applied instrumental or vocal instruction per week and give both a junior and senior recital commensurate with the requirements for degree recitals in the performance majors. Official recognition of program participation and completion appears on student transcripts but does not appear on the diploma.