An audition is required for all students seeking admission to the Setnor School of Music.

Students are responsible for submitting an audition form online via Accept’d. The final audition may be completed in person or online via Accept’d. All students are responsible for meeting our deadlines. Prospective students must also complete the Syracuse University Common App.

Music Deadlines

Early Decision (First-year students only):

Nov. 15, 2019

Early Decision II (First-year students only):

Jan. 1, 2020 online audition submissions only. Please call the VPA Office of Recruitment and Admissions if you have questions about Early Decision II.

Regular Decision (Fall):

Jan. 1, 2020, online submissions

Feb. 8, 2020, in-person audition

Spring Enrollment:

Spring enrollment into VPA programs is very limited. Please call the Office of Recruitment and Admissions to discuss availability and timeline.

Audition Requirements and Process

Listed below are specific Setnor School of Music audition requirements for each instrument. Each category also includes a list of recommended audition literature.

Please note: An audition on your primary instrument is required if you are applying to any of the following majors:

  • B.A. in music
  • B.M. in composition*
  • B.M. in music education
  • B.M. in music industry
  • B.M. in performance
  • B.M. in sound recording technology

*Students applying to the composition program must also submit the scores to two to three original compositions. These should be submitted online via Accept’d before you arrive for your audition or as part of your online audition.

If your first-choice major is something other than one listed above, but you have listed one of the B.M. degrees or the B.A. in music as your second-choice major on the Syracuse University supplement, you should also submit an audition. If you do not get into your first-choice program, you will need to have an audition on file to be considered for any of these majors. Please see audition registration for details on how to do so.

Jazz and Commercial Auditions

Students may choose a course of study in jazz and commercial music in one of the majors listed below. Jazz/commercial auditions are only accepted when applying to these majors:

  • B.A. in music
  • B.M. in music education
  • B.M. in music industry
  • B.M. in sound recording technology

Requirements for All Auditioners (Classical and Jazz/Commercial)

  1. Complete the Music Audition Form online via Accept’d. A link to the form will be provided once you have completed audition registration.
    1. The deadline for the music audition form in Accept’d is January 1, 2020 for regular decision applicants. Early decision applicants must submit this form to Accept’d by November 1, 2019.
  2. Prepare audition requirements for your primary instrument as described below.
    • Those students coming for an in-person audition will take a theory test and short ear training exam.
    • Transfer students should also provide a copy of their unofficial transcripts and course descriptions. If auditioning in person, bring these materials with you to your audition; if submitting online, please upload along with your other materials.

Classical Music Audition Requirements (All Majors Can Audition with These Requirements)

Jazz and Commercial Music Audition Requirements (B.A. Music, B.M. Music Education, B.M. Music Industry, B.M. Sound Recording Technology Majors Only)

Transfer Students

Transfer students are encouraged to complete the application and transcript review as soon as possible as space is limited in some programs. It is strongly recommended that transfer applicants to the Setnor School of Music follow the first-year application deadlines. Please note:

  • Please include with your audition materials submitted to Accept’d an unofficial college transcript. This is in addition to the official college transcript you send with your application for admission.
  • Include a paragraph explaining why you wish to study music, what major you hope to pursue and why, what you expect from the major, and your career aspirations.