If you are a current Syracuse University student, or if you recently completed a graduate program at SU, you may qualify for the internal admission process.

The internal admission form, available for download on the University’s graduate admissions forms page, is used to either:

  • Pursue a concurrent degree: if you are looking to complete an additional degree while working on your current degree
  • Pursue a consecutive degree: if you are working on a degree and wish to pursue another after completion of your current degree or if you completed a graduate program within the past 12 months and would like to apply to another program

If you are either a current College of Visual and Performing Arts student or are applying for internal admission to a VPA program, please follow the instructions below.

Current VPA Students:

  1. Students in VPA who are adding a second degree, either within VPA or in another college, must receive permission for the concurrent degree from their advisor (either by e-mail or on paper) and submit, along with internal admission form, to the Office of Academic and Career Advising.
  2. Based on that permission, the graduate admissions coordinator will sign off on the form for “current department.”
  3. Students adding a second program in VPA must contact the new program advisor for permission to enroll, either by e-mail or on paper. That should be submitted to the Office of Academic and Career Advising. The graduate admissions coordinator will then sign off on the form for “new department” and will send the form to Enrollment Management Processing for processing.
  4. Students adding a second program outside of VPA will take the form, after “current department” signature is obtained, to their new department. Students should follow their new department’s process for obtaining signatures and submitting the form for processing.

Current Non-VPA Students:

  1. Students who are currently non-VPA students seeking to add a VPA program must fill out the left hand column (#1-7) on the internal admission form.
  2. Students should then obtain their “current department” signature from their current school or college.
  3. Students should then bring the form to the Office of Academic and Career Advising (or send the form by mail to 200 Crouse College). The office will contact the program for application review, then submit the form to Enrollment Management once the necessary approvals have been obtained.