We celebrate being a dynamic art school at a major research university.

The School of Art offers unique and exciting opportunities for students who are passionate about art in all of its diverse possibilities. We teach the next generation of artists–those who are adventurous, complex, precocious, innovative, noisy, reflective, curious, socially conscious, and dedicated to a life in the visual arts.


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Our faculty offers rigorous and multi-faceted learning experiences that prepare student-artists for professional and entrepreneurial careers.

We offer state-of-the-art facilities and studios, from the handmade to the digital. Our professionally active faculty fosters internships as well as international and national opportunities and brings the creative industries to the studio. Through guided mentorship, our student-artists craft their own course of study.

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As a dynamic art school within a major research university, we enable unique intersections of diverse interests within creative communities.


Through social and studio practices, research, and teaching, we promote mastery, interdisciplinarity, student autonomy, and critical global citizenship.

Recent School of Art News

  • Nurie Metodieva and Alexis Mohammed

    Featured News

    Meet VPA’s 2021 Senior Class Marshals

    Each year, the College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) select two seniors as class marshals to represent the college at Syracuse University’s Commencement. These students reflect high achievement in academics and service to the college and represent those qualities that most distinguish the graduating class. The VPA Class of 2021 class marshals are Nurie Metodieva of the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies and Alexis Mohammed of the School of Art. Read More...

  • Lave flows down a trough

    Faculty News

    Fusion of Art and Science Leads to Discovery

    After ten years and more than 2,000 lava “pours”—simulated lava flows using a furnace, a crucible and molten rock—Robert Wysocki of the College of Visual and Performing Arts and Jeffrey Karson of the College of Arts and Sciences are two of four collaborating authors of a recent paper...

  • Robert Wysocki portrait.

    Faculty News

    School of Art Director Robert Wysocki, associate professor of studio arts and the Doris E. Klein Endowed Professor of Art, co-authored the article “Imagining and constraining ferrovolcanic eruptions and landscapes through large-scale experiments,” which was published on Nature.com. Large-scale experiments carried out at the Syracuse University Lava Project offered insight into ferrovolcanism, a long-theorized idea of metallic lava flows on planets and moons in the solar system, yet to be observed in nature. Read More...

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