[Another unique experience SU art students have is printmaking with a streamroller]

Studio Arts Minor

The minor in studio arts is perfect for students who are interested in seeking either a focused or interdisciplinary art-making experience within the School of Art. Students may choose to concentrate in one or more of our program areas, which include sculpture, drawing, painting, jewelry and metals, and ceramics, and may also choose to explore contemporary approaches including digital sculpture, installation, performance, and/or public and social practices. Prior to their junior year, students will meet with the program coordinator in any one of their areas of interest to discuss potential paths and select their coursework, which will be comprised of two required introductory-level studio courses and four 300- to 400-level elective studio courses, totaling 18 credits.

Studio Arts Minor Intensives

Print Media and Graphic Arts

The minor in print media and graphic arts is open to all Syracuse University undergraduate students. It provides students with a concentration in the skills, traditions, processes, and concepts of printmaking. Learn more about the print media and graphic arts minor. 

Visual Culture

The minor in visual culture exploits one of the unique strengths of Syracuse University: world-class art and design schools in the midst of a research institution. The minor provides you with the critical skills necessary to address the evolving intersection of art, design, and communication in a variety of contexts, including the art world, advertising, fashion, politics, and popular culture. The flexible curriculum is designed to complement studio-based majors in the College of Visual and Performing Arts and provide majors outside VPA with a concentration in visual culture and criticism that is theoretically and historically informed. Learn more about the visual culture minor.