Brandon Eridan

Brandon Eridan is a costume technician and fashion designer from Altoona, PA. He has been designing, creating, and altering clothes since his mid-teens, whether for himself, friends, theatrical productions, or cosplay. A lover of the odd and uncommon, Brandon draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including fantasy, dystopia, steampunk, and historical fashion to create unique pieces that turn concepts into characters and instill a sense of power in the wearer. Androgyny and inclusion also play important roles in his creative process, reflective of his own experiences as a transgender individual.

During his time at SU, Brandon was able to hone his technical and design skills by taking classes through the drama and fashion departments. He completed an internship with the Syracuse Stage costume crafts department and volunteered many hours in the costume shop to assist with builds for both Drama and Stage productions. He also worked as the assistant costume designer on SU Drama’s The Crucible and Syracuse Stage’s production of Amadeus.

B.S. in Drama, concentration in technical theater

  • Costume construction
  • Costume design
  • Clothing customization
  • Upcycling
  • Online commerce
  • Creative writing