Marilyn Wechsler

Marilyn is an emerging theatre artist currently located in the DC/Metro area.

(She/They) are a recent graduate of the Stage Management program at Syracuse University.

Since graduating Marilyn has been working at Baltimore Centerstage as the Costumes Apprentice and even was able to come back to visit SU to costume design our production of Bright Half Life. 

Marilyn hopes to continue work in theatre primarily geared towards or about underrepresented communities, cultivating new works, constructing meaningful stories for diverse audiences, and bringing art to individuals who don’t get to experience its joys daily. 

In addition to the work Marilyn has done with Baltimore Centerstage she has devoted much of her time and education to attempting to push the field forward and cultivating the many necessary skills needed in-order to succeed in the theatre industry. Through internships and various hands-on experiences Marilyn received a very diverse theatrical education through her last 4 years.  Marilyn was fortunate enough to hold many positions while at Syracuse University, some include: Production Management intern for Syracuse Stage, Company Management and Facilities Work Study for Syracuse Stage and Syracuse Drama, Costume Designer, Stage Manager, Generals Casting Intern, and Student Representative.   

Marilyn describes herself as an upbeat individual, who has a creative soul, and business mind and is always striving to push herself and those around her to be their best.

BFA in Stage Management with a concentration in costume design

  • Stage Management
  • Costume Design
  • Production Management
  • Company Management
  • Petting dogs
  • Drinking Tea