The identity of the VPA can be defined by the experiences, history, and successes of our more than 22,000 active alumni.

Get Involved

VPA’s goal is to create an environment for collaboration with and between alumni to enrich all of our shared educational and professional aspirations. There are a number of ways to get involved with VPA; collaborating, volunteering, and giving are just a few. To get involved, contact the VPA Office of Advancement at 315.443.7095 or .

    • Collaborate
      VPA recognizes that the knowledge and skills of our alumni have been honed by great personal effort and diverse working experiences. These are tremendously valuable and essential to providing a rich, real-world context to our current student body and prospective students alike. We invite you to explore with us the ways you may be interested collaborating with us. The best examples of collaboration are ones in which students and alumni (or their companies) all benefit in meaningful ways.
    • Volunteer
      Volunteering can take many forms. Mentoring, speaking to students on or off campus, or recruiting as a VPA alumni ambassador are just some of the essential ways to enhance your own experience and that of students, faculty, and the entire college and University community. The VPA Connect affords students the opportunity to meet with active members of our alumni network living and working around the globe. Alumni offer career guidance and advice, provide insight into the current internship and job markets in their industries, assist with interview preparation, and more. Interested in becoming a mentor?

If you are interested in participating in VPA Connect, please email Jackie Flores at .

Stay Connected

In an effort to tell the great stories of VPA alumni, we do our best to keep apprised of their personal journeys, careers, cultural impact, and successes. We also help connect alumni with one another both personally and professionally. To do so, we need your help.

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Advance Your Career

SU offers it’s alumni lifelong career support, whether you just graduated, are mid-career or planning for retirement.  Alumni Career Services offers the following:

  • One on one career counseling appointments
  • In person career programs throughout the country
  • Virtual career programs on a variety of topics such as Leveraging LinkedIn, Identifying Your Unique Skills, Tips for Entrepreneurs, and so on
  • Support in finding fellow alumni in specific cities, industries and companies
  • And more!

Hire Orange Alumni Job Board

Hire Orange offers two main opportunities to alumni:

  • A job board for job seekers
  • An avenue for alumni who are hiring for open positions to get their postings in front of fellow alumni

For Alumni – There is a login required to view postings.  If you need this reset, please email for assistance.

For Employers –  Anyone can post!  If you are an employer, alumni of SU or not, you are welcome to post your open positions on Hire Orange.

Visit the Alumni Career Services site for more information or to schedule a one on one appointment.  They can also be reached at .