Improving Pediatric Care Through Better Communication

Product Name: Kiddo

The Problem:

Doctor-patient-parent consultation is the basis for health interventions. Effective parent-provider communication can increase diagnostic accuracy, improve patient understanding and adherence to treatment, and enhance the experience of health services and health outcomes (Damm et al., 2015). However, miscommunication among families, patients, and caregivers are key contributors to patient safety, quality of care, and malpractice risk (Damm et al., 2015).

Reasons for communication errors among parents include:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Language barriers
  4. Medical Literacy
  5. Feeling uncomfortable asking questions.

Language and knowledge barriers are one of the biggest barriers patients face when seeking care. When medical providers are unable to understand their patients it can lead to improper diagnoses or medications. When parents do not have the health literacy or are unable to understand the doctor because of language barriers, they are likely to not ask questions or ask for clarification (Khan et al., 2017). Parents are also less likely to recognize communication errors or feel less empowered to report them (Khan et al., 2017).

The Solution:

Kiddo is a recording, transcription, and translation app that allows parents to understand, read back information, and manage concerns for their child’s health in their own time and at their own speed.

It aims to improve pediatric care through better communication among parents, patients, and caregivers by:

  1. Empowering parents and patients 
  2. Encourage dialogue and discussion
  3. Manage conversations among the complex pediatric care ecosystem
  4. Provide support and guidance

Kiddo records, transcribes, and translates live conversations during a doctor’s visit. Using AI, parents are able to read back, gain meaningful insights, understand medical terminologies, and manage concerns in their own time and at their own speed. Kiddo helps parents build their own support system and share conversations without miscommunicating and losing important information.

Join the Conversation. Take Control of the Dialogue.


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