Compliment your major with one of the three minors offered by the School of Design: design studies, fashion design, and museum studies.

A faculty member assists design students.

Design Studies

The design studies minor responds to the increasing popularity and broad awareness of design and design thinking in business and society as a whole.

Open to all Syracuse University undergraduate students, the minor has the option to study both studio and academic courses; its primary intention is to complement existing majors across the University, providing students with an introduction to the field of design and its increasingly diverse impact on industry and society.

Official design studies minor requirements.

Fashion design projects.

Fashion Design

Students pursuing other majors may be able to complete a minor in fashion design. The minor is made up of 18 credits; the minimum GPA required is 2.8.

Official fashion design minor requirements.

Museum studies students listen to a lecture.

Museum Studies

The minor in museum studies provides students with an introduction to the diverse field of museum studies that is theoretically and historically informed. Open to all Syracuse University undergraduates, the minor also exposes students to some of the more practical skills involved in museum work, such as management, collections, curatorship, and public programming.

Official museum studies minor requirements.

The Warehouse on a sunny day.

Sustainability in Design

This minor provides an interdisciplinary foundation on sustainable design strategies for products, services, and the built environment. Centered on creating opportunities for innovative solution development, students will be challenged to reimagine their practice through the lens of environmental and societal impact.

Official sustainability in design minor requirements.