The Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies (CRS) creates skilled and versatile communicators prepared for the diverse professional and personal contexts they will come to understand, pursue, and influence.

[CRS alumna Asa Goldstock ’20 shares her Syracuse University story]


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A Degree that Grows with You

Our undergraduate program is ideal for those students who wish to acquire communication skills that are highly valued by employers across numerous industries, including the media, business, politics, law, education, public affairs, public relations, and marketing. Our graduate program provides first-rate training in communication research and pedagogy, preparing graduates for competitive careers within academe or for diverse career opportunities outside it.

Learn from Experts

The CRS faculty is made up of active scholars who are absorbed in the study of communication and rhetorical studies. They conduct original research, present their work at national and international conferences, and write books or publish essays in scholarly journals. This enables them to share cutting-edge perspectives with students and keep their teaching up-to-date with current trends in the field of communication studies.

A Vibrant History

We’re proud of our department’s long history at Syracuse University. Launched in 1910 as the Department of Oratory, CRS is one of the nation’s first academic programs devoted to the study of communication and rhetoric. Throughout our evolution, our department has been housed in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, where our programs have benefited from close association with the disciplines of art, design, transmedia, drama, and music.

Recent CRS News

  • Whitney Phillips portrait.

    Faculty News

    Whitney Phillips, assistant professor in the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies, wrote the column "Beware 'Smokescreen Trolling,' Trump Followers' Favorite Tactic" in Wired, for which she serves as a columnist.

  • Yiqing Ran

    Featured News

    I Dream of…Research? CRS Graduate Theses

    To fulfill the department’s requirements, communication and rhetorical studies (CRS) graduate students have a choice to make: complete comps (or comprehensive exams) or work on a graduate thesis. Students who choose the latter option then dedicate their graduate career to discovering what they would like to research for a thesis that can span from 50 to 125 pages. In the final semester of the two-year program, students then present and defend their thesis. Recently, CRS first-year master's students specified what their thesis topics are. Below, two students discuss their thesis plans. Read More...

  • Featured News

    CRS Majors Offer Advice for New Students

    Within the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies (CRS) currently houses around 400 students. Among the undergraduate body, there are many individuals who are not only eager to hone their knowledge of communication but are also eager to give back to the CRS community. Three current students agreed to be interviewed about their experiences in the department and provide advice for new students. Read More...

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