We encourage you to consider the ways in which the Department of Drama can help prepare you for a life in the arts no matter what medium you choose to work in. We invite you to explore our programs of study and to schedule an on-campus visit.

Our bachelor of fine arts (B.F.A.) degree programs in acting, musical theater, stage management, and theater design and technology as well as our flexible bachelor of science (B.S.) degree in drama, which features a theater management track, offer unique educational experiences while supporting strong development of skills for those who wish to explore the world of professional theater in a setting that combines rigorous training with a traditional university education. Select a program from below to learn more.

  • Acting B.F.A.

    Train rigorously in performance technique, text analysis, voice, speech, and movement.

  • Musical Theater B.F.A.

    Specialize in three areas: singing, dancing, and acting.

  • Stage Management B.F.A.

    Learn and apply methods used in every major professional theater company.

  • Theater Design and Technology B.F.A.

    Build a firm foundation in the arts and the humanities as well as the applied aspects and crafts of the theater.

  • Drama B.S.

    The B.S. in drama prepares students for a variety of careers including producing, marketing and public relations, casting, development, and general management.