Sylvia Sierra

Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies

Assistant Professor

Sylvia Sierra portrait.

115 Sims Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244-1230


Sylvia Sierra is a discourse analyst interested in language and social interaction. She takes an interactional sociolinguistic approach to exploring knowledge management and identity construction in everyday communication in both face-to-face and online contexts. Her research interests include identity, epistemics, intertextuality, globalization, popular culture/media, Mexican Spanish, social media, multimodal methods/embodied interaction, and discourse-level sociolinguistic variation.

Sylvia Sierra’s Curriculum Vitae [Word].


  • Ph.D., Georgetown University


Discourse analysis, identity construction, intertextuality, media, everyday conversation and epistemics

Courses Taught

  • CRS 384 Discourse and Society
  • CRS 430 Intercultural Communication
  • CRS 601: Language, Interaction, & Culture

Selected Publications

Lectures, Panels and Workshops

  • 2021 Decentering monolingual white English in conversation transcription pedagogy. International Pragmatics Association Conference, Panel contribution: EM/CA and Social Change: Addressing race and racism in EM/CA research and teaching (organized by Maria Eleonora Sciubba & Natasha Shrikant), June 27-July 2.

  • 2021 How to decenter monolingual white English in teaching LSI transcription, Panel contribution: Innovations in LSI Approaches to Racial Justice in Research and Pedagogy (organized by Natasha Shrikant), May 27-31.

  • 2019 How Humorous Media References are Signaled in Everyday Talk, National Communication Association, Panel: Laughter and Humor in Interaction, Nov. 14-17
  • 2019 Quoting media and reinforcing heteronormativity in everyday conversation among millennial friends, The Language and Social Interaction Working Group, October 11-13.
  • 2019 Beyond the boundaries of media representations of gender and sexuality in everyday conversation, International Communication Association, Panel: Social Interaction Online May 24-28
  • 2018 Negotiating gendered ideologies with Internet meme references in everyday conversation among Millennial friends, National Communication Association, Panel: Playing with in situ perspectives and the methodological challenges for studying language and media use in everyday life, November 8-11
  • 2018 Negotiating femininities with Internet meme references in everyday conversation among Millennial friends, The Language and Social Interaction Working Group, October 12-13
  • 2018 The construction of group identity in the social media discourse of a Mexican autodefensa, International Workshop on Spanish Sociolinguistics, April 4-7
  • 2018 Negotiating millennial masculine identities with Internet meme references in everyday conversation among friends, Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics (GURT): Approaches to Discourse, March 9-11
  • 2017 “Fake news from these people”: How Trump uses adequation framing and intertextuality to achieve alignment and shared identity in the Black History Month Listening Session (co-authored with Natasha Shrikant), American Anthropological Association, Invited Panel: Toward a transdisciplinary coalition in sociocultural linguistics: A collaborative analysis of presidential discourse in Trump's Black History Month Listening Session, November 14-18
  • 2017 “That’s me doing a Native American thing”: Cultural stereotypes, humour, and identity construction in everyday conversations among friends, International Pragmatics Association Conference, Panel: From self to culture: Identity construction in humour-related discourses, Jul 16-21
  • 2017 Performing World Englishes in media references and identity construction in everyday conversations, International Association for World Englishes, June 30-July 2
  • 2016 Online meme references as resources in friend interaction for epistemic frame shifts and group identity, National Communication Association, November 9-13