Kathleen E. Feyh

Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies

Assistant Teaching Professor

Kathleen Feyh portrait.

112 Sims Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244-1230


Kathleen E. Feyh’s research interests include globalization and popular culture; rhetorical theory; rhetorical criticism; social movements; Marxism; embodied and multimodal communication; and the critical study of race, gender, and sexuality.

Fehy CV [PDF 288KB]


  • Ph.D., University of Texas

Selected Publications

  • Cloud, D. and K. Feyh (2015). “Reason in Revolt: Emotional Fidelity and Working-Class Standpoint in The Internationale.” Rhetoric Society Quarterly.

  • Feyh, K. (2015). “Queer Conversation—LGBTQ Oppression and Activism in Russia: An Interview with Igor Iasine.” QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking 2(1).

  • Feyh, K. (2010). “On Carts and Horses: Post-Marxism in Pre-Post-Capitalism.” In Squires, C., E. Watts, M.D. Vavrus, K. Ono, K. Feyh, B.M. Calafell, and D. Brouwer, “Running through the Trenches: Or, an Introuction to the Undead Culture Wars and Dead Serious Identity Politics.” Journal of Communication Inquiry 34(3).

  • Feyh, K. (2010). “Looking for the Left in Russia.” Activism and Rhetoric: Theories and Contexts for Political Engagement. New York: Routledge.

  • Cloud, D., B. McCann, and K. Feyh (2009). “The Kairos of the Vanguard.” Concerning Argument, ed. S. Jacobs. Washington, DC: National Communication Association.

  • Asenas, J., D. Cloud, K. Feyh, and B. McCann (2009). “Communication and Kairos in the Save Kenneth Foster Campaign.” Communication Activism, Vol. 2. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

Awards and Honors

  • 2008 Top Student Paper Award, American Society for the History of Rhetoric, National Communication Association
  • 2008 Top Student Paper Award, Rhetoric and Public Address Interest Group, Western States Communication Association
  • 2006 Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, University of Texas at Austin