Kenneth Meyer April 4 2023

A Seeker's Song album coverKenneth Meyer, instructor of applied music and performance (guitar) in the Setnor School of Music, recently released “A Seeker’s Song: A Recording of New Music for Voice and Guitar” (Frameworks Records). The album features Janet Brown, soprano (Setnor faculty member); Sharon Harms, soprano; Jesse Jones, composer; Gregory Mertl, composer; Nicolas Scherzinger, composer (Setnor faculty member); Jeff Francis, sound engineer; and James Abbott, sound engineer and mastering (Setnor faculty member).

The music on the recording is devoted to seeking, discovering, and/or achieving an end. The solo guitar piece embodies an abstract search for an answer, while the song cycles each deal with immense grief and the search for comfort after loss. In the solo guitar composition, we search vast sound worlds before discovering melodic, harmonic, and motivic resolutions. The song cycles ask if we can find peace in our loss or whether we must grow painfully accustomed to the darkness left in its absence.