Boryana Rossa December 9 2022

Boryana Rossa, an associate professor of art video in the Department of Film and Media Arts, published “The Only Women Groups in Bulgarian Art: Necessity and Ideology” in “Gender: Among Humanities, Social Sciences and Law,” edited by Desislav Georgiev and Denitsa Nencheva (Sofia: Scribens, 2022 p.241-249).

Why in Bulgaria there is only one art collective consisting entirely of women? The collective The 8th of March was established in 1992; the rest of the artists addressing women’s issues are working singularly, some of them are duets, and most of the collectives have mixed gender identities. Rossa’s text is an attempt to analyze the reasons for this singularity, which she considers extremely important and necessary for a certain historical moment, and necessary in the longer term, as part of a variety of group strategies for addressing gender issues in art.