Crystal Heller

Crystal Heller is a director who is known for wearing too much purple and digging into dramadies. She is currently NYC based, and spent her pre-college years growing up on Long Island. During her time at Syracuse University, she discovered her passion for directing while studying Theatre Management, learning about the wonderful world of Arts Administration, which she still has a profound interest and love for. 

At Syracuse Stage, Crystal was lucky enough to serve as an Artistic Intern for Kyle Bass (Associate Artistic Director),a Management Intern for Jill Anderson (Managing Director), and Assistant Direct Stage’s production of The Last Five Years directed by Jason Alexander. She will always be incredibly grateful to all of those at Syracuse Stage that turned her from a theatre loving kid to a theatre loving professional. When she wasn’t assisting or interning, Crystal was making her own student work with the help of BlackBox Players and SU Drama, directing Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker and How To Make Friends and Then Kill Them by Halley Feiffer. 

In the coming years, Crystal hopes to continue to lift up women, and new voices who deserve to be not only heard but amplified. She prides herself on her empathy, her humor, and her unwavering passion for creating art. When she’s not in a rehearsal room, you can find her dancing on her rooftop with her music playing way too loudly through her headphones.

  • B.S. in Theatre Management
  • Minor in English and Textual Studies
  • Casting
  • Assistant Directing
  • Dramaturgy