Renewal: Engaging Consumers in Sustainable Fashion

Product Name: Renewal

The Problem:

“If the fashion industry continues on its current path, by 2050, it could use more than 26% of the carbon budget… Moving away from the current linear and wasteful textiles system is therefore crucial to keeping within reach the 2°C average global warming limit,” (Morlet et al., 2017). As the majority of the world is buying into fast fashion trends or throwaway designs, this cyclical cycle of production to consumer to trash, progresses. With no legislation or standard definitions, brands have capitalized on consumers indicating they care about sustainability by deliberately targeting ads to imply their brand is ‘sustainable,’ resulting in a haze of confusion and lack of faith in the term. While consumers consistently indicate that sustainability is important to them, it is still not a driving factor in their buying decisions. 

The Research Findings:

My primary research highlighted that consumers are looking for ethical sustainable brands, but have little to no understanding as to how their clothes are actually made or what sustainable means. This lack of clarity has resulted in consumers saying they care, but not actually shopping traceable, ethical fashion. Interviews with experts from companies such as LL Bean, Levi’s, Unilever, Remake, Advance Denim, and Loop, emphasized the importance of passively engaging consumers, making sustainability irresistible/desirable, and providing clear labeling. 

Thesis Statement: Replace consumer doubt and confusion surrounding ‘sustainable’ fashion with a product or system that builds consumer trust while incentivizing brands to pay living wages and create traceable and environmentally conscious products.


Renewal: An online marketplace and chrome extension to make sustainable, traceable shopping more accessible and convenient to users. Renewal certifies all the brands they partner with, making sure they meet strict ecological and ethical requirements.

Renewal’s Google chrome extension: Every time the user shops, it will notify them when there are applicable savings, and whether or not the brand is certified Renewal sustainable. It keeps track of the users sustainable shopping habits and the equivalent ecological savings to reward them with points, encouraging them to continue to shop sustainably. 


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