To Improve Chinese Kids’ Online Course Experience at Home

Product Name: Aurora – Smart Light Egg

Topic/problem description

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has been forced to stay at home to be safe. During the quarantine, almost every Chinese kid has to take online courses at home. In China, according to Guangzhou Daily Newspaper, “more than 220 education bureaus from more than 20 provinces, including Guangdong, Henan, Shanxi, Shandong and Hubei, have joined the Class At Home program, covering more than 20000 primary and secondary schools and 12 million students by February 2.”

They are experiencing an unprecedented amount of home time which is all day long. However, here comes some problems for children on study experience and mental health. I’m looking for a way to help Chinese kids get a better experience online – course.¬†

The new epidemic situation has promoted the demand for online education among Chinese users. During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the policy of “suspension of school attendance” has increased the cooperation and integration of schools, offline educational institutions and online education platforms, which has made the primary school online education usher in an outbreak. It is estimated that the number of online education users in China will reach 309 million by 2020 (IiMedia Research. Rep., 2020).

In 2019, the number of students in primary and secondary schools in China will reach 170 million (Ren San, 2020). Based on the huge size of students, and the government’s policy of “no classes and no school suspension” and “resolutely preventing learning ahead of time and too fast”, the online education in primary and secondary schools has provided an opportunity for rapid development. According to iiMedia consulting data, more than half of the primary and secondary school students interviewed use remote communication tools and internet classroom products for online classes, and 83.0% of primary and secondary school students’ online classes are in the form of live class (IiMedia Research. Rep., 2020).

IiMmedia consulting data shows that most students and parents think online learning is difficult to focus on, lack of interaction and without the classroom atmosphere. According to the data of iiMedia consultation, 49.6% of the parents of primary and secondary school students surveyed think that online learning is convenient and safe, but 46.7% of primary and secondary school students think that online learning is difficult to concentrate, and 52.4% of primary and secondary school teachers think that online learning is not effective. Only 19.0% of teachers think that online learning is effective and very good (IiMedia Research. Rep., 2020).


Home decoration with light

This design has to connect with another device first by bluetooth. It uses the eye tracking technology from the camera to detect whether the users concentrate on the screen or not. The device for the online-course will upload the data of focusing time to the cloud platform and the command will be sent to the smart light egg. The light will change from white to red as a reminder to help the kids to pay attention in class.


  1. Turn on the lamp.
  2. First time connecting the laptop with the lamp by bluetooth.
  3. It will connect automatically in the future.

4.The laptop will send the data whether the user is focusing on the screen or not to the cloud platform every 5 seconds.

  1. If the camera detects the user is not focused on the screen, the cloud platform will send the command to the lamp.
  2. The light will turn red.
  3. After 1 minute, if the user still doesn’t pay attention to the class, the light will flicker between red and white in every second.
  4. Until the user focuses on the screen again, the light will change back to white.