Lunch as a Learning Tool

Product Name: MyMeal


Nutrition is extremely important. Adopting healthy habits at an early age is  very valuable in terms of long term well being. Unfortunately in the United States many live without exposure to effective nutrition education or means to improve the state of their health. My paper explores the need and opportunity of using the lunch provided to students by their school as a means of nutrition education.

Lunch time is an optimal time for a nutrition lesson. Children are already eating food and using the lunch bell doesn’t take away instruction time from teachers and allows students to do self lead learning at their own pace. 


The MyMeal solution is a three part system that includes a smart tray, modular containers and an interactive Nutrition Guide.  

The tray weighted surface that detects when food is or isn’t being eaten. The sensors communicate with a screen that provides helpful nutrition tips to students. For example: Don’t neglect ur broccoli, it will give you energy!

The containers provide informational labels so kids know exactly what they’re eating and the foods’ health benefits. 

The workbook provides lessons, activities and a food diary so kids and parents remember the healthy foods they eat . The book also sets nutrition goals and milestones  for students to work towards each year.