Doorstep Animal Delivery Service

Topic/problem description: 

Most animals sold in pet stores or pet retailers  come from mass-breeding facilities The breeding mills run their premises purely for business purposes. They do not show any care to the subjects being traded – the animals. The pet stores or retailer on receiving the animals also treat them as merchandise. Animals need comfort in transit to ensure their health and survival. However, most of primary pet retailers and transporting companies fail to observe the rules for such a container, or such companies like Holmes Farm simply ignores the regulations and humane conduct, perceiving this as another delivery which must be accomplished. The breeders keep and transport animals in deplorable conditions, which results in early death while transporting them (Rollin, 2011).  On the PETA website, upon searching for Holmes Farm, which is in fact an animal mill, one will find that the latter is most famous for cruel treatment of the animals (PETA, 2019). This cruel treatment to some extent is manifested by the transportation methods which such companies as Holmes Farms apply in order to deliver their “product” to the final point of sale. Pet trade have amplified due to the growth of the Internet, which has massively expanded both the legal and illegal markets through the creation of novel hybrid marketplaces (Lavorgna 2015). Consequently, breeders and pet store managers use the gap to handle the animals in a manner that results in mistreatment and death of the animals while transporting or at their destination. These businesses – breeding mills and pet stores ignore proper containers or shipping requirements because of the cost and often prefer using private transportation. The kind of behavior that aims to make huge profits while spending lowly is observed in these businesses.Many of animals don’t survive for the journey.

Considering the above, the main question remains as “ How might we design delivery system for the small animals that can provide satisfied environment while the animals are transporting from primary industries to the final destination?” 

Full Screens of App
Full Screens of App

Solution: The in-person doorstep pet delivery service ‘Tripet’ is designed to provide a safe, humane, and professional transportation of pets to their new home. Online and offline pet stores and owners who are unable to pick up their pets due to reasons such as distance can use the application. The service is offered by the assigned trippers planning relocated from one place to the other. ‘Tripet’ mobile app based service is available at the local, city, state, and country levels. It is also focus on speed to ensure that the client receives the pet as soon as they arrive at their new destination.

The system keeps track of trip time for records and accurate decision making. The system will notify the assigned tripper when the allowed delivery time is almost expiring. The assigned tripper will be trained to treat the animal if an emergency occurs in the process of shipping to enhance their knowledge and skills in handling and transporting pets safely and comfortably .

The top priorities: Deliver all orders of pets safely, humanely, and professionally to the next destination. Online and offline users can use our service with mobile ‘Tripet’ App.