Jacob deHahn

As a designer, entrepreneur, and storyteller, deHahn is notorious for his energetic personality (you can hear him as he enters a room!) and his drive to make the world a more accessible place (born deaf, he cares about the community he’s a part of). To some, it’s odd how his favorite place to do academic work and freelance jobs are at hometown coffee shops, local bars and breweries in the Syracuse area (you read that right — he loathes libraries because they’re so quiet!).

deHahn proudly juggles a multitude of things — including his business, Bowtie Boulevard, a brand curating limited edition bowties and accessories from upcycled fabrics (yes, he did a plugin for his business here! www.bowtieblvd.com).

He hopes all attendees truly enjoy the thesis show and most importantly, cheers to the future!

Back Home Bar: The World’s First Universally Accessible Bar

Jacob deHahn project

Jacob deHahn’s thesis is creating the world’s first universally accessible bar. Back Home Bar’s target market are young professionals with invisible disabilities, such as high-functioning autism and social anxiety. Overall, the bar’s goal is to bridge the gap between able-bodied folks and those with disabilities in a socially impactful environment.