VPA Spotlights
Lauren Bartnicke | G'17, Untitled Lauren Bartnicke | G'17, Untitled
Monica Piccolo | '15, Untitled Monica Piccolo | '15, Untitled
Morgan Rainey | '16, Untitled Morgan Rainey | '16, Untitled
Brion Hardink | G'17, Kaleidoscope Brion Hardink | G'17, Kaleidoscope
Kristina Starowitz | '03, D# Meditation Kristina Starowitz | '03, D# Meditation
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Students in the School of Art's spring 2015 Drawing Research and Graduate Drawing class taught by Sharon Gold, associate professor of painting, presented the exhibition What Is Contemporary Drawing? on The Wall in Shaffer Art Building. The students worked from their own thematic, conceptual, and formal agendas while exploring contemporary approaches to drawing. They exercised and developed their own critical understanding of the physical and cognitive processes so important within the context of contemporary art. The resulting exhibition was as varied in display as the multiple exploratory processes represented.

Participating artists included Edam Alvarado '15 (painting), John Catania '15 (painting), Sage Cruz Field '15 (painting), Jane McCurn '15 (printmaking), Hannah Moore '17 (painting), Ji Hyun Park '15 (painting), Monica Piccolo '15 (environmental and interior design), P.J. Queen '15 (painting), Morgan Rainey '16 (painting), Loren Bartnicke G'17 (painting), Evan Deuitch G'17 (art photography), Brion Hardink G'17 (ceramics) and Kristina Starowitz '03 (painting).