VPA Spotlights
Lori Hawke-Ramin, Confused Heart Ring, 2014 ​ Lori Hawke-Ramin, Confused Heart Ring, 2014 ​

Artist Statement

Contemporary jewelry is not an art movement. It does not share one particular expression, or aesthetic stage. It is less a method than a frame of mind; its aim is a proclivity for open investigation and material inquiry.

My process is not based on any individual technique but rather, the idea of making as a type of interference or intrusion with what exists, in order to make something new. I draw/sample from jewelry’s rich history, and personal constructs of memory. The goal is to combine bits and pieces that relate to both. For me, interference can be described as something similar to a rupture, a collision, a separation, and eventually a reconfiguring. Materials like found bones, photographs, or even micro glass beads represent pre-existing moments. They act as markers of my pooled ideas or memories. The wearer or viewer of these pieces may not share the same identification that I do, which I welcome. I enjoy when the associations are so far removed that the jewelry, becomes something, “other." This new object is a souvenir, a mapping of my brain, my thoughts, my decisions, and my interventions while making it.

Lori Hawke-Ramin is an assistant professor of jewelry and metalsmithing in the School of Art. Her Confused Heart Ring and other new work was recently featured in VPA's faculty show Conceal/Reveal at SUArt Galleries.