VPA Spotlights
Adriana Gorea (left) instructs a fashion design student. Adriana Gorea (left) instructs a fashion design student.

Adriana Gorea is an assistant professor of fashion design in the College of Visual and Performing Arts' School of Design. Gorea’s work and research are inspired by biomimicry, which is the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes. She also teaches senior design collection and fashion illustration courses. In this edition of the Innovation Orange video series, Gorea tells us why she encourages her students to question every fiber, every stitch, and every seam of the fashions they design and create.

Innovation Orange highlights the research of Syracuse University faculty. If you would like to see a faculty member featured as part of the series, please contact Keith Kobland at kkobland@syr.edu.

Note: Professor Gorea's research was also the subject of an article by the Daily Orange.