VPA Spotlights

For the third year in a row, environmental and interior design (EDI) students in the School of Design helped the Syracuse community revitalize a local neighborhood by participating in Block Blitz. Organized by Home HeadQuarters in Syracuse, Block Blitz is an annual community event that brings together homeowners and volunteers to help repair, landscape, and paint up to 50 homes in a single day in a city of Syracuse neighborhood at no cost to residents.

This year, the EDI students, faculty, and other community volunteers focused on the Leavenworth Park neighborhood. The students assisted with painting, cleaning, landscaping, and other tasks.

The experience allows the students to work collaboratively outside of the studio and gain a better understanding of community concerns.

“Block Blitz was an amazing way to take what we learn in class and apply it to a real-life scenario,” says Sydney Rosenberg ’21. “It brings the entire EDI floor together to help support our community. It allowed us to be creative and let loose and have fun with each other while participating in community service.”

“I really enjoyed how so many people were able to come together all in one place and time,” says Amelia Hoch ’21. “Seeing the entire block change in h`alf a day really was meaningful and felt like we were truly making a difference in the community.”

“We have a large focus on protecting and restoring the environment, and this was a beneficial way of incorporating this into the local community,” adds Halle Rosenberg ’21.

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