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Design by Zhongwen Hu Design by Zhongwen Hu
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Kathleen Haley

Hearts will be aglow Sunday as sweethearts exchange Valentine’s Day cards. For those who might need a little help with a love note, three art students have crafted their interpretations of Valentines ready to download.

Graduate illustration students Zhongwen Hu and Shiwen Su in the School of Art and Aimee Sy, a senior communications design major in the School of Design, created valentines for the Syracuse Poster Project. The project combines the work of local poets and Syracuse University artists to create an annual series of posters for around the city and provides the designs for sale. The Poster Project is making the students’ designs available for free to share the art and spread the love. The designs can be printed out and personalized.

“To me, anyone who you deeply love can be your valentine,” says Hu. “And for those people who are deeply in love, they can make every day Valentine’s Day. So it has versatile meanings; people can also use it as a ‘thank you’ card.”

Hu used pencil, marker pens and Photoshop to create the figures in her artwork highlighted by red strings of heart in the background, with blank space for a poem.

“The composition and the characters just came to my mind once I received the request by the Poster Project,” Hu says.

Su’s digital creation involves the lovely lines of the flamingo.

“The bird has a long neck that can be shaped like a heart and also I like the color of their feathers. It’s pink, warm and lovely,” Su says.

Su is pleased that others might find beauty and heart in her design.

“I hope those who receive this card would have a wonderful and warm Valentine,” Su says.

In her ideation, Sy, who was an intern for the Poster Project last spring, thought about the symbols of Valentine’s Day, such as a bouquet of flowers and hearts.

“I combined the two to represent the tradition of giving a bouquet of flowers to a loved one on this special holiday,” says Sy, who used Adobe Illustrator to compose the artwork.

For anyone who wants to use the design for his or her sweetheart, Sy says, “I hope it brings them love and joy.”

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