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Timothy Davis-Reed Timothy Davis-Reed

Timothy Davis-Reed, a professor of practice in the Department of Drama, is an expert in audition technique. He was recently quoted in the Backstage article Nailing the 5 Key Elements of College Auditions by Caroline Liem, a casting director, audition coach and teacher based in Los Angeles. Liem has also served as a workshop instructor during the Department of Drama's Summer in LA experience.

In the article, Davis-Reed provides advice on the interview process and audition material.

“The thinking is, ‘If I find a great monologue, or the perfect song, they will think I am great doing it.’ Your job is not to show me a great monologue or song,” says Davis-Reed in the article, “Your job is to use the material to show me you.”

More drama audition preparation advice for prospective drama students can be found on the SU:VPA website.