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For many museum professionals, working with archival objects and works of art doesn’t always happen within the carefully controlled walls of a museum. Art handlers, installers and collections managers are often working remotely and independently for traveling exhibitions and special installations.

Such was the case when Syracuse’s Destiny USA, in collaboration with the nationally recognized organization Exhibits Development Group (EDG), was in need of professionally trained art handlers and collection managers for the new exhibition space known as the Muzium.

“Experienced independent art handlers in Central New York are few and far between,” explains Andrew Saluti, assistant professor of museum studies in the School of Design. “When EDG and Destiny were in search for such assistance, I knew our students would be an asset.”

Graduate students Jenna Bossert, Carin Wolfe and Taylor Thomas were hired as the professional staff to perform collections work and installation assistance for the “The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition,” now on view through January at the Muzium.

“In the traveling exhibition world, especially at alternative venues, it can be a scary prospect to find local collections assistants with the skills needed to get a show up and running swiftly and safely,” says Kathy Ludwig, registrar for EDG. “[We] are so lucky to have access to the graduate students at SU. Their support was invaluable, and I am looking forward to working and exchanging knowledge with more brilliant students in the coming months.”

EDG and Destiny will look to the graduate program in museum studies for future installations at the Muzium. More information can be found at