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Four School of Art graduate students are exhibiting their work in "Obscurus" Jan. 17-Feb. 4 at Point of Contact Gallery, the Nancy Cantor Warehouse, 350 W. Fayette St., Syracuse.

"Obscurus" features the work of four painters in the master of fine arts degree program in studio arts: Tong Zhang, Teona Yamanidze, Sunyoung Lee, and Joe Turek. This international group of artists from China, Georgia, South Korea, and the U.S., respectively, deal in the subject matter of the obscure, that which is uncertain, not easily understood, or overshadowed. With this traditional medium as the show's only other constant, the artists create their own pictured reality in a contemporary painterly language. Cultural and ideological diversity in the group fosters a unique conversation on painting’s capacity to engage with the dichotomy between knowable and unknowable. The contents of their work breach the contemplative object’s place in a viewer’s imagination by being identifiable as it is veiled by paint.
The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday, noon-5 p.m., and the exhibit will be accompanied by a publication forthcoming. Support and funding has been provided by Point of Contact and the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University, with funding from the Creative Opportunity Grant.