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David Bowie

David Bowie, superstar and rock icon, has passed away, but his music and style have left an enduring mark on pop culture.

David Rezak, a professor of practice in music and entertainment industries and director of the Bandier Program in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, was a fan since Bowie first entered the music scene and has taught about Bowie’s various transformations as an artist.

“I grew up a rock fan in the ’60s. Bowie made an indelible impression by taking the British invasion to another level. He was a deliberate enigma who re-invented himself repeatedly.

“I taught a music marketing class for 12 years. In that class I used a series of photos—borrowed from the Syracuse New Times—to illustrate how an artist can refresh their brand again and again. Consumers will not accept ongoing superficial machinations unless the performances and compositions are authentic and imaginative. Bowie arduously crafted music that kept us enthralled for decades. His evolving image enhanced the music thrill.

“The good news is that his timeless rock’n’roll legacy belongs to the world. David leaves us with Blackstar. Now we can ponder his intent, the timing. We can savor the endless enigma for generations to come.”