Current VPA News

Pamela Whiteley McLaughlin

Art by 35 College of Visual and Performing Arts’ first-year students will be featured in installations throughout Bird Library March 6-9. Most pieces will be located on Learning Commons floors LL-2, with a few on floors 3-5.

Juan Juarez and Deborah Dohne, faculty for ARI 101: First Year Divergence, assigned students to create a piece for a specific site in Bird Library. Student work will be in place for three days, where it can be appreciated by all visitors to Bird Library and also critiqued by their faculty and class peers.

Students needed to formulate a vision in their proposals that was geared not only to meet their instructors’ requirements, but also the requirements of the host institution. Beyond being just another location, installing in Bird Library provided students with a realistic experience in public art. They learned how to successfully and safely install in a heavily-used space that wasn’t designed to be a gallery, and to work within building realities and rules, for example, limited access to power, no noise that would disturb study, and bright lighting.

Art in the Stacks in the Learning Commons is viewable during all hours that Bird Library is open.