The Sue Ann Genet Costume Collection

The Syracuse University historic clothing collection, which started in the 1930's, is now known as The Sue Ann Genet Costume Collection.

The collection was renamed in the 1980's in memory of Sue Ann Genet, wife of Syracuse alumnus Leon Genet, a real estate broker and philanthropist from New York City.

The collection, which is comprised of over 1,500 women's garments and accessories ranging from the 1820's to the present, has been taken out of storage after a seven-year hiatus. It is now housed in a newly created climate-controlled storage area within the Department of Design, located on the seventh floor of The Warehouse.

The focus of the collection is in women's high fashion, and includes examples of garments which are indicative of each era, are by well-known designers, or were worn by notable women. The pieces in the collection are used for research, exhibition, and as classroom examples in the Fashion Design program.

Donations are still being accepted into the collection. For more information, contact Jeff Mayer, curator, at