University Place, Syracuse University
Juan Juarez

School of Art
Associate Professor, Studio Arts

Juan Juarez's creative practice can be described according to the role played by the artist in its production, which is that of archivist and translator. Research is concerned with pre-digested images, specifically photo-based imagery on the Internet and original photographic works exploring the idiosyncrasies of images. Juarez's research engages in extracting and unpacking these individual points of reference through documentation and collection.

Juarez localizes his creative practice as intermediation between what the photograph inherently communicates and a new context to place it in. Juarez does not employ a singular mode of translation. It involves photography, collage, video, and digital mediation in broad terms. The type of image and context of the project determines methodology.

Juarez has exhibited in such institutions and museums as the Milwaukee Art Museum (Milwaukee), Furtherfield Gallery (London), Aspex Gallery (Portsmouth), Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi & Rio Terra San Vio (Venice), Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (Los Angeles), Everson Museum of Art (Syracuse), the Kinsey Institute (Bloomington), Gallery 400 at University of Illinois-Chicago (Chicago), and Institute of Visual Arts (Milwaukee).