University Place, Syracuse University
Jessica Posner

School of Art | Department of Transmedia
Instructor, Studio Arts | Transmedia Core

Jessica Posner is a feminist artist whose work stresses the limits, agencies, and relationships between bodies, objects, language, and voice. She most frequently works in performance, sculpture, video, and public programming. She is currently invested in the Butter Body Politic, a research platform that values butter as a metaphor for and material of the body and body politic.

Posner has been featured as one of the best free things to do in New York City by AM New York. Her work has been censored or banned from more than one location in Syracuse for being too whimsical/angry/feminist for the police and the bourgeois.

Posner is the lead singer of Malvinas, a seven-person art riot grrl band based in the work of political activist/folk singer Malvina Reynolds; one third of the artistic/curatorial team behind the Question for Revolution and Universal Brotherhood (New York City, 2012) exhibition; one third of BODY CLAMP, a performative proposal for fully contingent sculpture within an economy of means; one half of maybe with Isaac Pool; and a founding editor of the forthcoming journal DUM.

Posner’s work has been shown in New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Upstate New York, Germany, Austria, and India. Recent performances and screenings include Die Gute Butter/ Die Politik der Butter Körper (The Good Butter/ Butter Body Politic) at the Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg, Austria; Butter Body Politic at Panoply Performance Laboratory (New York City), Strange Loop Gallery (New York City), Envoy Enterprises (New York City), and Spark Contemporary Art Space (Syracuse); and What is Galatea, who is baguette? at the Kitchen (New York City), and the Stanley Theatre (Utica, New York). Additionally, she performed in the ”24 Hour Ballad” by Alexandero Segade and Malik Gaines’s ”Courtesy of the Artists: Trad.” for Performa13; and Ernesto Pujol’s commission for FIAF’s Crossing the Line Festival 2013, “Time After Us.” Upcoming performances include The Multifarious Array and Movement Research at Judson Church in spring 2015. Her band, Malvinas, will be releasing a studio EP in spring/summer 2015.