University Place, Syracuse University
Dorene Quinn

School of Art
Facilitator, Talent Agency

Artist Statement:

I am an artist who typically works with materials gathered from nature and often generate my projects specifically in response to sites and landscapes. My goal is to create a dialog about nature and human desire, and the tensions between the natural and the human made world. Laboriously crafted objects and props are typically a part of my activities, and these are often created to help me integrate my presence as a human in nature. Raw material is obsessively collected and gathered on expeditions through natural sites and other more urban environments that I live or work in. These processes force me to slow down and fully experience the world, and they become a daily discipline not unlike meditation. In these personal interactions with the world through my activities and artworks, I work to present the fragility of nature and our ambivalent relationship with it, with compassion, humor, and reverence.