University Place, Syracuse University
Craig Dudczak

Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies
Associate Professor

Craig Dudczak's areas of teaching include argumentation, persuasion, and legal communication. His primary research focus is in forensic and debate pedagogy. 

He has published manuscripts in various journals and books and has presented papers at regional, national, and international conferences. Dudczak also serves as a reviewer of two academic journals and as an officer of the Eastern Communication Association.

Craig Dudczak's Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

  • Dudczak, C., and Day, D. (1991). The Impact of Paradigm Consistency on Taxonomic Boundaries in CEDA Debate. Cross Examination Debate Association Yearbook (Hereafter CEDA Yearbook), vol. 12, 27-47.

  • Dudczak, C. (1989). Topicality: An Equal Ground Standard. CEDA Yearbook, vol. 10: 12-21.

  • Lee, T., Harris, D., and Dudczak, C. (1992). The Use of Empirical Studies in Debate. In D. Thomas & J. Hart (Eds.) Advanced Debate 4th. ed. Lincolnwood, IL: National Textbook, 105-114.

  • Dudczak, C. and Zarefsky, D. (1984). Promotion and Tenure Standards in Forensics: An Agenda For Deliberations. In D. Parson (Ed.) American Forensics in Perspective. Annandale, VA: SCA, 23-35.

  • Dudczak, C. (1996). Book Review of Breaking the News:  How the Media Undermine American Democracy by James Fallows. New York: Pantheon Press, 1996. Published in Argumentation and Advocacy, 33 (Fall 1996)

  • Dudczak, C. (1990). Review of Arguing Persuasively.]  Communication Education, 39: 385-387.