University Place, Syracuse University
Adriana Gorea

School of Design
Assistant Professor, Fashion Design

Adriana Gorea is an assistant professor of fashion design. She teaches senior design collection and fashion illustration courses.

Gorea previously taught fashion design at the University of Delaware and Drexel University. She has also worked as a production and sourcing manager for adidas Wearable Sports Electronics (Textronics Inc.) in Wilmington, Delaware, and was owner and desiger of Carmen Boutique in Wilmington.

Selected Publications

  • Book manuscript in review: Gorea, A., Hall, M. Roelse, K. (2018). The Book of Pockets, Bloomsbury Publishing, London, UK.

  • Gorea, A., Baytar, F. (2016). "Towards Developing a Method for Identifying Static Compression Levels of Seamless Sports Bras Using 3D Body Scanning." Proceeding to 7th International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland.

  •  Gorea, A. & Roelse, K. (2015). "Criteria Decision Matrix Applied to Pedagogy: A Pilot Study for Fashion Art Studio." ITAA Conference Oral Session, Santa Fe, N.M. 

  • Cobb, K., Orzada, B., Kallal, M.J., Gorea, A., Hall, M., Roelse, K. (2014). "Facets of Indigo: Textile and Apparel Design Faculty Collaboration." ITAA-KSCT Joint Symposium Oral Session. ITAA Conference, Charlotte, N.C. 

Awards and Honors

2014Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business Award for Sustainable Design (with Cobb, K., Orzada, B., Kallal, J., Hall, M., Roelse, K. Cloud Eater). ITAA Design Exhibition, Charlotte, N.C.
2006University of Delaware Business Plan Competition Winner
2001Oscar de la Renta Award for the Most Creative Graduate Collection
2001Evelyn Netski Award for the Most Saleable Graduation Collection
2001Frank Agostino Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship of Graduation Collection


Innovation Orange: Adriana Gorea, Fashion Design Faculty

Innovation Orange: Adriana Gorea, Fashion Design Faculty

Gorea’s work and research are inspired by biomimicry, which is the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.