Theater Management and More: B.S. in drama

The new theater management track is the only one of our B.S. tracks to which you can apply as a new student. It will prepare you for a variety of careers, including producing, marketing and public relations, casting, development, and general management. In the BS degree program you’ll enjoy a balance of drama department classes, liberal arts, and other academic courses. It’s a great program for you if you want to combine the intensive training of the Department of Drama with a broad education in the liberal arts. 

Working with professionals at Syracuse Stage, you will gain firsthand knowledge of a professional theater company’s operations.

If you’re interested in the theater management track, you should apply to the BS in Drama program. Students applying to the theater management track of the BS in drama should: (1) submit a resume showing prior theater and/or related work experience and (2) submit a statement of interest and (3) schedule an interview with a representative of the Department of Drama. Please be prepared to discuss your interests in theater management and your career goals both during college and after graduation. We will be interested in hearing about the qualities and skills that you have (or hope to develop) that you feel will allow you to succeed in a career in this area.

After gaining admission to, and completing a portion of, one of the BFA programs (Acting, Musical Theater, Theater Design and Technology, or Stage Management), you may decide that you want to pursue other academic interests. Several other tracks in the BS program—including Playwriting and Directing—which are more broadly focused than the BFA programs, enable you to tailor the curriculum to your individual interests and to pursue a minor.