Dennis Earle

Full-time Instructor

Art, Design, and Transmedia
Department of Design
Environmental and interior design

6th floor, The Warehouse


M.Arch., University of Pennsylvania

I grew up in the rural hills just to the south of Syracuse, and after a long period away from the area, I now lam living right back where I started. I traveled overseas extensively as a child, and later as a student, and have a great love for the endless variety of cultures and environments to be found abroad. As an undergraduate I studied art and cultural history as an art history major, especially architectural history in a cultural context. After some entry-level work at architecture firms in Boston, I got my master’s in architecture at Penn, and returned to the field for a few years in San Francisco and Minneapolis before turning to teaching. I began teaching design history at Syracuse University in the 90’s, but have also taught Architectural History, Landscape Architectural History, Fashion History, Art History, Art Theory/Issues, Design Philosophy/Issues, Graphic Design, Drawing, Architectural Design, and Interior Design at ESF, OCC, SUNY Morrisville, Hobart and Wm Smith, and in four departments at three different schools at SU. I currently teach architecture, interior design and sustainability-related courses in the Design Department, and am especially interested in studying and teaching design as a progressive dialogue between evolving cultures, new technologies and the natural world as we know it.