Anne Demo

Associate Professor

Communication and Rhetorical Studies

118C Shaffer Art Building


Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Courses taught

CRS 316 Introduction to Visual Culture
CRS 355 Political Communication
CRS 455/CRS 655 Rhetorical Criticism
CRS 360 CRS in DC Maymester
CRS 600 Seminar in Visual Rhetoric
CRS 862 Seminar in Rhetoric and Public Address on Keywords in Visual Culture
ART 300-600/CRS 360-600 Visual Memory
ART 600/CRS 614/TRM 600 Communication, Power & Gender
ART 600/CRS 600/TRM 600 Visual Culture, Theory and Criticism

Research interests

Professor Demo's research program reflects her training in rhetoric and her interdisciplinary background in visual culture and gender studies. Her work explores the relationship between rhetoric, identity, and U.S. cultural politics through two primary research concentrations. Her primary area of research has focused on the visual rhetoric of contemporary immigration policy and politics. Her current book project, Image Politics & Immigration Policy, examines the role that visual argument plays in promoting contemporary immigration policy and forming public opinion about immigration. Her secondary research examines the role of visual rhetoric in social movements.

Scholarly publications

Demo, Anne, & Vivian, Bradford (2012).  Rhetoric, Remembrance, and Visual Form:  Sighting Memory. New York, NY:  Routledge.

Articles in refereed journals
“Afterimages in Spectacle Culture: Immigration Policy after Elián,” Rhetoric and Public Affairs (10) 2007.

“Sovereignty Discourse and Contemporary Immigration Politics,” Quarterly Journal of Speech (91) August 2005, 291-311.

“Imagining Nature and Erasing Class and Race: Carleton Watkins, John Muir, and the Construction of Wilderness.” Co-authored with Dr. Kevin DeLuca. Environmental History (6) October 2001, 541-560.

“Imaging Nature: Watkins, Yosemite, and the Birth of Environmentalism.” Co-authored with Dr. Kevin DeLuca. Critical Studies in Media Communication (17) September 2000, 241-260. Reprinted in Carl Burgchardt, ed., Readings in Rhetorical Criticism, 3rd ed. (State College: Strata Publishing, 2005).

“The Guerrilla Girls, Perspective by Incongruity, and Feminist Resistance.” Women’s Studies in Communication (23) Spring 2000, 133-156. Reprinted in Diane Hope, Lester Olson, and Cara Finnegan, eds., Visual Rhetoric: A Reader in Communication and American Culture (Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE), 2008.

Book chapters

“The Class Politics of Ethnic Pluralism: Presidential Campaigns and The Latino Vote,” in Vanessa B. Beasley, ed., Presidential Rhetoric and the Politics of Immigration (College Station, Tex.: Texas, A&M University Press), 2006.

Book reviews

“Policy and Media in Immigration Studies,” Rhetoric and Public Affairs (7) Summer 2004, 215-228. Review Essay.

“Im/partial Science: Gender Ideology and Molecular Biology” by Bonnie Spanier. Quarterly Journal of Speech (83) November 1997, 482-484.

“Evaluating Women's Health Messages: A Resource Book” by Celeste Condit and Roxanne Parrot. Southern Speech Communication Journal (62)Winter 1997, 167-168.

“The Cultural Prison: Discourse, Prisoners, and Punishment” by John Sloop. Crime, Law and Social Change (28) 1997, 173-175.

Awards and honors

  • Teaching Recognition Award, Syracuse University, 2010. (Link on SUNews)
  • Outstanding Faculty Award, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University, 2009.
  • Interdisciplinary Research Grant, College of Visual and Performing Arts with Anne Beffel and Sarah McCoubrey, 2007-2008.
  • 2008 National Communication Association's Golden Anniversary Monograph Award for her outstanding article, “Afterimages in Spectacle Culture: Immigration Policy after Elián,” Rhetoric and Public Affairs (10) 2007.
  • Awarded Most Outstanding Essay in Women’s Studies in Communication in 2000.


Gender, Immigration, Rhetoric, Visual Culture