Department of Drama 2016-17 Season
Filipa Ramos

Filipa Ramos will deliver the visiting curator lecture “Attention and Detention” in the Department of Transmedia.

Attention and Detention
The configuration of spectatorship across the dark room, the white cube, the monkey island.

Considering how the inception of cinema occurred in parallel to the institution of various forms of contact, control, and observation of animals, “Attention and Detention” will look at how the histories of the cinematic and zoological apparatuses have a common reliance on notions of spectacle, domestication, and experimentation and profoundly intertwine entertainment and science.  It sounds rather dark, and even if it will have its gloomy moments, it’s actually meant to be a rather engaging talk with an optimistic closing.

About Filipa Ramos
Ramos is an art writer and curator based in London, where she works as editor in chief of art-agenda. She is a lecturer in the experimental film M.A. program of Kingston University, and in the MRes Art: Moving Image of Central Saint Martins, both in London.

Ramos is co-curator of Vdrome, a program of screenings of films by visual artists and filmmakers. In the past she was associate editor of Manifesta Journal, curator of the research section of dOCUMENTA (13), and coordinator of “The Most Beautiful Kunsthalle in the World” research project at the Antonio Ratti Foundation.

Free and open to the public.