Upcoming Events

2018 Transmedia Photography Annual

Jan 16 – Mar 02, 2018
The exhibition features work by seniors in the Department of Transmedia's art photography program.

Light Work is presenting the “2018 Transmedia Photography Annual” exhibition, featuring photographs by seniors from the art photography program in the Department of Transmedia in the College of Visual and Performing Arts. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, Feb.1, from 5-7 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

Exhibiting students include: Nora Alexandra-Young, Sydney Aliza Howard, Carly Bova, Anna Braun Heckler, Danielle A. Brown, Kendall C. Cooleen, Ericka Lynne Jones-Craven, Aman M. Kurien, Yvette Marie Moreno, Everett Putnam-Mackey, Lashelle Ramirez and Michelle Velasquez.

Paula Tognarelli, executive director and curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography, served as juror to select images for Best of Show and Honorable Mentions. Best of Show went to Lashelle Ramirez, and Honorable Mentions went to Nora Alexandra-Young, Danielle A. Brown, and Ericka Lynne Jones-Craven.

Lake Effect Editions

Jan 18 – Mar 09, 2018
On view at SUArt Galleries, this exhibition celebrates 10 years of printmaking in the School of Art’s printmaking studio.

Lake Effect Editions celebrates 10 years of printmaking with a selection of work created by a long list of young artists who have worked at the Syracuse University printmaking studio in the College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA). Lake Effect Editions is a press entity at the University that publishes works by visiting artists invited by the printmaking professors to work with undergraduate and graduate students each semester. These visiting artists will typically give a public lecture; give critiques to the students they work with; and create an edition of prints with the students, faculty, and staff. Through this engagement with a working artist, Lake Effect and its guiding professors, Dusty Herbig and Holly Greenberg, hope to give students the opportunity to work directly with master print artists from both the academic and professional print worlds to create fine, hand-pulled editions of works on paper. Students work side by side with the visiting artists who share their knowledge of printmaking and the tricks and techniques not taught as part of the regular curriculum in the printmaking intensive, a part of the studio arts programs in VPA’s School of Art.

Design on Track: Faculty Research from the School of Design

Feb 08 – 23, 2018
The exhibition that showcases the innovative work currently being explored by the tenure-track faculty.

The School of Design’s Sue and Leon Genet Gallery presents Design on Track: Faculty Research from the School of Design, an exhibition that showcases the innovative work currently being explored by the tenure-track faculty in the College of Visual and Performing Arts' School of Design. Representing the expanding range of disciplines and research within the school, the exhibition highlights the faculty work from communications design, fashion design, environmental and interior design, industrial and interaction design, and the graduate program in museum studies. A selection of sculptural objects, fashion, typography, and theoretical research focus on topics ranging from engaging communities through design, innovations in mixed reality, and contemporary curatorial studies.

The faculty members included in the exhibition are Michele Damato (communications design), Adriana Gorea (fashion design), Rebecca D. Kelly (communications design), Seyeon Lee (environmental and interior design), Zeke Leonard (environmental and interior design), Louise Manfredi (industrial and interaction design), Andrew Saluti (museum studies), and Ralf Schneider (industrial and interaction design).

The Seagull

Feb 23 – Mar 04, 2018
"...three female roles, six male roles, four acts, a view of a lake, much conversation about literature...and five tons of love." Presented by the Department of Drama.

Presented by the Department of Drama
By Anton Chekhov
Directed by Rob Bundy

“The comedy has three female roles, six male roles, four acts, a view of a lake, much conversation about literature...and five tons of love.” So wrote Anton Chekhov to a friend about The Seagull, the 1895 play that established his reputation as a playwright and catapulted the famed Moscow Art Theatre to prominence. It’s all quite simple: Medvedenko loves Masha who loves Konstantin who loves Nina who loves Trigorin who’s involved with Arkadina. Meanwhile, Paulina is married to Shamreyev, but she pines for Dr. Dorn.  What could go wrong? “So much love! Oh, that bewitching lake!”

Choral Collage

Feb 23, 2018
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Choral Collage features choral ensembles in the Setnor School of Music.

Choral Collage features choral ensembles in the Setnor School of Music, including Hendricks Chapel Choir, Concert Choir, Crouse Chorale, Orange Syndicate, Orange Collective, and, University Singers.


Peppie Calvar, conductor

In His Care-o | William L. Dawson (1899-1990)

Peppie Calvar, conductor

Esto les digo | Kinley Lange (b. 1950)                                                                                                                                                                 

I Got a Home In-a-Dat Rock | Traditional Spiritual
arr. Stacey Gibbs(b. 1964)

Hillary Ridgley, conductor
Kit Yee Tang, pianist

So Is My Beloved | Lee R. Kesselman (b. 1951)

Jeff Welcher, director

God Only Knows | Brian Wilson & Mike Love (b. 1942 and 1941)
arr. Tomas Bergquist

Underneath the Stars | Kate Rusby (b. 1973)
arr. Jim Clements (b. 1983)

John Warren, conductor
Josh Corcoran, pianist

How do I love thee? | Eric Nelson (b. 1959)

Kaisa-isa Niyan | Nilo Alcala (b. 1978)

Derrick Fox, conductor

The Roof | Andrea Ramsey (b. 1977)
Josh Corcoran, pianist; Laura Bossert, violin

Shout Glory | Byron J. Smith (b. 1960)
Nick Godzak, pianist; Jason Kimmel, soloist; Ryan Carmody, bass; Benji Wittman, drums