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(in matters of) Karl (in matters of) Karl

Annette Behrens is a visual artist living in the Netherlands who works with photography, video, installation, and text. Her work is intensive and research-based. She traverses the fields of history, visual arts, journalism, and, more recently in her work on the soy plant, science. She was raised in Germany and has written that her consciousness of the history of that country, particularly its experience under Nazi rule, has been formative in her work. It has led to an interest in "our complicated, judgmental relationship towards the 'Other'" and where such attitudes of inclusion and exclusion can lead. Her book (in matters of) Karl, examines the leisure pursuits and post-war life of a high-ranking Nazi official stationed at Auschwitz. In this book, Behrens "investigates how events that were long suppressed or deemed forgotten can resurface in collective memory."

In naming Behrens' book (in matters of) Karl one of the best photo books of 2015, Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa wrote in Time Magazine: “This is a nuanced, complex and extraordinarily forthright book that contains rigorous, insightful and evocative research. Behren’s book compels us to deal with the dangers of a forgetful relationship to our past, as well as to consider the moral challenges involved in any effort to retrieve what has been neglected or suppressed."

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