Apr 24
Lindsey  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16(Industrial and Interaction Design)

playing with food!

Hello Everyone!It's been a little while since I've posted anything.  This semester has been crazy, and I can't believe that it's almost over!I'm currently working on a project for my production...
Apr 23
Michelle  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16 

Finals Week!

It has been getting quite hectic on campus with finals approaching. Time is definitely ticking by and I have been working on a lot of different projects. One of the projects I have been working on...
Mar 28
Paul  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '15(Painting)

Making goals for the upcoming summer

Here we are again, watching the last few weeks of the school year dwindle down. For me, that means it's time to push harder than ever on making new artwork and start developing goals for this summer....
Mar 27
Grant M.  |  Bandier Program '14


The DLE was no doubt one of the highlights of the semester. Spending the weekend in the picturesque Berkshires developing leadership skills and preparing for the transition in the workplace, I really...
Mar 26
Michelle  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16 


Hi Everyone! I just finished working on a menswear assignment for my Fashion Drawing class. It was my first time ever designing for men, and I really had a great time working on the project! I wanted...
Mar 23
John  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '15(Painting)

around that time

This week will be my start of the dreadful midterms. I am used to creating work for mid term projects in my studio art classes, but since I am taking two Whitman classes it seems to be a bit...
Mar 16
Grant M.  |  Bandier Program '14


I am very happy to write about my selection to participate in the highly coveted Duyle Leadership Experience (“DLE”) in which I will participate at the end of this week. "The Dulye Leadership...
Mar 6
Hannah C.  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16(Film)

Mid-Terms and Spring Break!

Why Hello! I haven't blogged in quite some time because I have been SO busy! This semester is flying by and I cannot believe that it is already midterms.  I have had a couple tests and a couple...
Mar 3
Lindsey  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16(Industrial and Interaction Design)

playing around with making vehicles to launch down a ramp!

Happy Monday!The 3rd years in IID are currently working on an awesome project!  We're working in teams and designing vehicles to launch down a 16 foot tall ramp. The vehicle has to drop a ball...
Mar 2
Lindsey  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16(Industrial and Interaction Design)

having fun in snowy cuse!

Hello hello!It's been a while since I've blogged.  It's been such a crazy semester and I've got lots of exciting projects going on!It's been a pretty snowy winter here in Syracuse.  I'...
Feb 28
Paul  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '15(Painting)

enjoying a brand new studio space

Well, here we are! It's almost spring break, and I'm definitely looking forward to a break from the cold in sunny Colorado. It's been a wonderful semester so far. The painting major really seems to...
Feb 24
Grant M.  |  Bandier Program '14

Skill Inventory

As a second semester senior about to make a large transition into the postgraduate world, I am not unlike prospective students who are too making a monumental transition into their undergraduate...
Feb 20
Karina  |  Art, Design and Transmedia '17Industrial Design


As I sit on a quiet Wednesday night in my dorm room, the picture above is what my computer screen currenlty looks it.  It is crowded with screens, tabs, word documents ah! I attempt to review my...
Feb 19
Michelle  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16 

Working on Projects!

Hi everyone! It has been a whirlwind of a year so far! I have been working a lot at the Warehouse recently on a project in which we are working with knot fabrics. We have also recently started using...
Feb 8
Grant M.  |  Bandier Program '14

Senior Year-Update

As the spring semester is back in full force, I wanted to provide an update to those who read my blog. Having taken the necessary steps to prepare for the semester ahead, creating a “game plan” for...
Feb 3
Paul  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '15(Painting)

Duke vs. Syracuse and Spring Semester

Wow! What a game. The excitement on campus after that 91-89 OT win over Duke was overwhelming. But it's time to get back to work on some art. I'm happily enrolled in a whole host of advanced painting...