Jan 26
Brian  |  Communication and Rhetorical Studies 

Political Communication and Other Intrigues

A few weeks into Spring Semester (I use Spring sparingly), the rigor in my classes has elevated. Not to a level of discomfort, rather, adequacy. I would say that my favorite class at this juncture is...
Dec 15
Leah  |  Art, Design, Transmedia '16 (Communications Design)

Follow me to London...

Hi Everyone,I am already on winter break, and I am really happy to be home. Finals went really well! Just goes to show you that hard work really does pay off. ;) I just wanted to let you know...
Dec 13
Lindsey  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16(Industrial and Interaction Design)

reflecting back on this semester

Hello Everyone!It's the Saturday after finals week.  I am finishing up one last project and packing up my apartment in preparation for me to head back to Baltimore for winter break on Monday....
Dec 4
Leah  |  Art, Design, Transmedia '16 (Communications Design)

Finals Week Inspiration

"Keep Moving Forward! You're almost there!"As I am coming back from Thanksgiving Break, and moving straight into finals week, I like to remind myself of this message my mom shared with me recently. "...
Nov 13
Leah  |  Art, Design, Transmedia '16 (Communications Design)

The Future of Design

Hi Everyone,This coming week I am giving an hour long group presentation about the Future of Design. This presentation is for one of my Communications Designs classes and we have been working on this...
Nov 11
Lindsey  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16(Industrial and Interaction Design)

feeling like a kid again!

Happy Monday!I was at a prospective student event earlier today and on Friday, and talked to several families about SU's Industrial + Interaction Design program.  I get really excited when I...
Nov 2
Brian  |  Communication and Rhetorical Studies 

Team No Sleep

It’s 8:36 AM, I haven’t eaten in 24 hours, my TA is boring today, and all I can think about is crawling back up the Mount to take a huge nap.    If you don’t go to sleep before 1 in the...
Oct 30
Leah  |  Art, Design, Transmedia '16 (Communications Design)

Hello, Everyone!

Hi, Everyone! My name is Leah, and I am a junior Communications Design major and Communications Photography minor. I am from Rochester, NY, which is about an hour and a half away from Syracuse. When...
Oct 25
Brian  |  Communication and Rhetorical Studies 

We'll Begin at the Beginning

Waddup ya'll. Obviously, my name is Brian Hamlin. And despite my current ambassador head shot, I can assure you I have better hair these days. But I digress. I am a current student in Syracuse's...
Oct 25
Paul  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '15(Painting)

Exciting Happenings in the Painting Program

It has been exhilirating to watch the painting program in action this semester with alumni interactions and visiting artists.The Painting Alumni Retrospective, which I have been organizing and...
Sep 23
John  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '15(Painting)

The grind...

Back at it again. Yet another semester at Syracuse is kicking in and the work load is getting denser by the day. Fortunately, while my academic and studio classes are getting more involved in...
Sep 10
Lindsey  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16(Industrial and Interaction Design)

visiting the Corning Museum of Glass

Hello Everyone!It's hard to believe that this week is already the 3rd week of the semester.  Summer went by so quickly.  I'm already well into several big projects in my Industrial +...
Aug 26
Hannah C.  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16(Film)

Welcome Back!!!

I cannot believe that another summer has gone by and now I am starting my junior year!! I love summer and I am very sad it is over, however there are new adventures ahead of me.I have my first...
Apr 24
Lindsey  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16(Industrial and Interaction Design)

playing with food!

Hello Everyone!It's been a little while since I've posted anything.  This semester has been crazy, and I can't believe that it's almost over!I'm currently working on a project for my production...
Apr 23
Michelle  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '16 

Finals Week!

It has been getting quite hectic on campus with finals approaching. Time is definitely ticking by and I have been working on a lot of different projects. One of the projects I have been working on...
Mar 28
Paul  |  Art, Design, and Transmedia '15(Painting)

Making goals for the upcoming summer

Here we are again, watching the last few weeks of the school year dwindle down. For me, that means it's time to push harder than ever on making new artwork and start developing goals for this summer....